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Which is The Best Product Review App For Shopify?

Product review apps are a great addition to your Shopify store. These apps will help boost your SEO, boost your user engagement, and improve your revenue. We help you determine which are the best product review apps for Shopify.

It goes without question, in todays eCommerce world, to build a brand and sell your products you need to have product reviews on your store. The number one benefit of a product review app on your Shopify store is trust. How many times have you as a customer went to purchase a product, and before you hit that buy now button, you scrolled down and read the reviews?

Now you decided that you want a product review app for your Shopify store. You go to the app store and search; you see thousands of options. Which do you choose!? Well, I am here to help you! For the past 4 years I’ve been a Shopify developer and worked with hundreds of stores, each with their own unique taste and brand identity, each having their own Shopify product review app.

I’ll be going through the top 5 options I’ve seen so far, and of which, which I know is the best option for your Shopify store.

Product Reviews by Shopify

The standard of Shopify product review apps, most, if not all themes come with this product review app out of the box. Created by Shopify, it’s a basic, easy to use product review app, good for store owners who don’t want to deal with the over complex UI design. A plugin play design.

Shopify Product Reviews Pros:

  • Theme-friendly design as most themes would have already implemented the design for this app, which comes with the plug-in play design.
  • CSV import to help you upload your current reviews
  • Free product review app

Shopify Product Review Cons:

  • Very limited features, usually already theme designed to your Shopify store’s theme.
  • No photo or video review, which in today’s eCommerce world is a no go

Shopify Product Review Pricing:

  • Free

Loox Product Review & Photos by Loox

Best product review app for Shopify

Loox was the product review app that brought the gold standard of photo reviews. The most installed and reviewed product review app on the shopify app store. Most of my customers websites who I developed on used this product review app on their Shopify store.

Loox Product Reviews & Photos Pros:

  • Provides a review schedule that is linked to the product order status so the reviews get sent automatically to your customers after they get their product
  • Feature that provides a discount to your customers if they provide a photo review
  • Back date any reviews by up to 3 months before you installed Loox Product Reviews & Photos app.
  • Displays reviews in list/grid layout, carousels, photo reviews popups, and review sidebars

Loox Product Reviews & Photos Cons:

  • Limited functionality unless you purchase the pro plan
  • There is no free plan, only a 14-day trial
  • No video reviews
  • Design is quite outdated, being the leader of photo reviews, there is hardly any design updates

Loox Product Reviews & Photos Pricing:

  • Free Trial – 14 days
  • $9.99/month (basic) 100 review requests sent/month, very limited customization
  • $29.99/month (advanced) 500 review requests sent/month, limited customizations
  • $59.99/month (pro) 1,500 review requests sent/month, full customizations
  • $99.99/month (unlimited) 2,000 review requests sent/month Product Reviews UGC by

Best product review app for Shopify

The upcomer of product review, this product review app was the second most used review app used of customers stored who I have developed on. brings quality to Shopify product reviews. With it’s heavy customizable options, it leads competition drooling. Product Reviews UGC Pros:

  • Has video reviews
  • Included Q&As within the reviews
  • Has an exclusive checkout review
  • Import from Facebook, Aliexpress & Klaviyo
  • Has a free plan
  • 1-click setup Product Reviews UGC Cons:

  • A lot of the advanced features are on the higher plans
  • The amount of featured can find users overwhelmed
  • UI can be confusing if you are started out for the first time Product Reviews UGC Pricing:

  • Free – 50 orders/month, reviews and rating widget
  • $23/month (basic) 200 orders/month, 7-day free trial, photo reviews
  • $49/month (premium) 500 orders/month, 7-day free trial, product upsell
  • $119/month (business) 1,500 orders/month, 7-day free trial, video reviews Product Reviews by

The crowd pleasure product review app, offers the most affordable solution on the market with all the essential features. offers a forever free version with SEO rich snippets, photo and video reviews and more. It’s a great choice for those online Shopify store owners looking for the best free, or affordable product review app. Product Reviews Pros:

  • Free plan with more features than any other product review app
  • In-email reviews
  • Product & Video reviews Product Reviews Cons:

  • UI design is outdated, would review some review to make it modern Product Reviews Pricing:

  • Free Plan – Unlimited reviews requests
  • $15.00/month (awesome) custom forms and coupons

Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos by Yotpo

Best product review app for Shopify

The odd ball out of Shopify product reviews, although providing great functionality, this review apps feels like the ugly sister of the product review app. Have almost identical functionality, although the UI could use more of an update.

Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos Pros:

  • Has a Q&A feature
  • SEO brand discovery from search
  • Integration with Facebook and Instagram
  • Automatic scheduled review emails

Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos Cons:

  • UI design is outdated
  • Video reviews only on paid plan

Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos Pricing:

  • Free – 50 orders/month, reviews and rating widget
  • $19/month (growth 50) 100 orders/month, photo and video reviews
  • $29/month (growth 100) 100+ orders/month, no additional features

There are 2 clear Shopify product review apps that stands out from the rest of the competition, both service a specific purpose for your Shopify store. Product Reviews by offers too much free functionality that it’s hard to pass off, it’s the best option for Shopify store owners who don’t want to spend any out of pocket expenses to have a review app enriched with functionality. Product Reviews UGC by although with it’s complex UI is the most enriched, best looking product reviews app out there right now. It’s essentially a 2.0. So if you have the out of pocket expenses, is definitely the heavy weight you need to push your store to bringing the brand identity trust you need.

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