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10 Shopify Apps To Increase eCommerce Sales

Get the most from your Shopify E-commerce store and consider adding these 10 apps to help increase your sales.

Shopify offers hundreds of apps to choose and utilize from for your eCommerce store.  Many apps offer similar features, and choosing between five apps that all perform the same function is a tedious task. We simplified the massive selection and compiled the top 10 apps to boost your business.

Customers who shop online rely on your images and product descriptions because they can’t physically interact with the product you are offering. Product reviews often conclude additional details and give shoppers an added perspective while browsing your store. Reviews are best when they include User Generated Content (UGC). UGC consists of photos or videos taken from the customer and increases social proof of your product.

Why you should use it:

  • Automatic & manual review requests
  • SMS requests
  • Sharing reviews to social media
  • Photo and video reviews in free plan!
  • Question and Answers (Q&A) and custom forms Pricing:

  • Free – Unlimited product review requests
  • $15/month (awesome) – Custom forms and coupons
Shopify Apps To Increase eCommerce Sales

A well-designed web page will keep your users interested and improve their experience when browsing your website. Ensuring good user experiences will reduce bounce rates on your website and increase sales as your customers browse. Shogun allows you to create web pages that are visually appealing and easy for beginners to use.

Why you should use it:

  • Reusability tools for merchants and agencies
  • Drag and drop element library
  • Marketing tool to make your brand thrive

Shogun Pricing:

  • Free Trial – 10 Days
  • $39.99/month (build) – 25 pages, page builder, 30+ templates
  • $99.99/month (measure) – 250 pages, analytics, content scheduling
  • $149.99/month (optimize) – 350 pages, live chat support
  • $299.99/month (team) – 500 pages, data collection, custom elements
Shopify Apps To Increase eCommerce Sales

The first place users go when looking to purchase a product is Google. Therefore it’s vital to add your products onto Google shopping and ensure that you’re being seen when customers are looking for a product you offer. Google Channel makes it easy to promote your products with paid campaigns and allows you to list your products at no cost.

Why you should use it:

  • Campaign tracking & analytics
  • Smart shopping campaigns
  • Reach shoppers on Google

Google Channel Pricing:

  • Free – Charges vary based on campaign budgets

Social media plays a significant role in marketing and is a large sales driver, and when done correctly, items you share on Instagram can lead potential customers to your website. Incorporating an Instagram feed allows users to quickly find the post they saw on Instagram and purchase the featured product. Displaying an interactive feed also increases social proof and boosts your following.

Why you should use it:

  • Create social proof
  • Get your Instagram discovered
  • Keep your store content fresh

Instafeed Pricing:

  • Free (Instafeed Free) – Video Support, customizable, grid or slider layout
  • $4.99/month (Instafeed Pro) – Includes IGTV, Product Tagging, 3 feed options
  • $19.99/month (Instafeed Plus) – Unlimited feeds, filter by hashtags
Shopify Apps To Increase eCommerce Sales

Getting customers back to your website can be challenging; correct email and SMS campaigns are valuable tools to communicate with clients. Klayvio also allows you to set up automated emails that are sent when a customer signs up for a newsletter, abandons their cart, and more. Email and SMS campaigns are easy to set up and a great way to get new and existing users shopping on your site.

Why you should use it:

  • Free and flexible account options
  • Pre-built forms, templates, and automation
  • Personalization and targeting
  • Out-of-the-box automation
  • Dynamic forms
  • Social advertising
  • SMS marketing

Klaviyo Pricing:

  • Free – 250 Contacts, 50 SMS contacts
  • $20/month (Email) – 500 Email contacts
  • $5/month (SMS) – 150 SMS contacts
Shopify Apps To Increase eCommerce Sales creates a loyalty program for your Shopify eCommerce store and incentives customers with rewards. Incorporating a loyalty program will encourage repeat customers as well as new customers with referrals. Creating limited-time campaigns for points will also add a sense of urgency and encourage users to continue shopping to redeem rewards.

Why you should use it:

  • Loyalty points program
  • Referral program
  • VIP program
  • Eye-catching pop up rewards panel
  • One-click integrations

Smile Pricing:

  • Free – Default emails, visual customizaions
  • $49/month (Starter) – Full customization, remove branding
  • $199/month (Growth) – on site pop-ups, advanced analytics
  • $599/month (Pro) – VIP program, Success Manager access

When a customer visits your store, they may not always have the intention to make a purchase but would like to browse around and see what you offer. Offering an “Add to Wishlist” option allows customers to mark their favorite items and save them for later. You can also leverage the wishlist by sending customers an email announcing a price drop or if the item they favorite is out of stock. The wishlist data is also helpful for analyzing and seeing which items are being saved but not purchased.

Why you should use it:

  • Easy Customization
  • Personalized email campaigns
  • Integration with social media
  • No login customer wishlist

Wishlist Plus Pricing:

  • Free – 100 wishlist items monthly, 5K sessions monthly
  • $14.99/month (Starter) – 1000 wishlist items monthly, 10K sessions monthly
  • $49.99/month (Pro) – 10K wishlist items monthly, 50K sessions monthly
  • $99.99/month (Premium) – 50K wishlist items monthly, 100K sessions monthly
Shopify Apps To Increase eCommerce Sales

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for any Shopify eCommerce store, it dictates how customers find your website. SEO Booster will increase your store’s presence on Google and promote more organic traffic, which leads to an increase in sales. SEO Booster makes it easy to understand and implement, and it will ensure your content is appropriately optimized.

Why you should use it:

  • Boosts Google visibility
  • SEO auto feature
  • Improves key SEO metrics
  • Increases your product images
  • Shopify store SEO health checker

SEO Booster Pricing:

  • Free – Alt-text for 50 products, sitemap, broken links
  • $29.99/month (Pro) – Auto alt-text for 500 products, added automation
  • $79.99/month (Unlimited) – Unlimited auto alt-text, instant index

It’s no secret that existing clients are more cost-effective than new clients and good online stores incorporate up-selling to maximize sales. ReConvert allows you to make the most of your order confirmation page and include opportunities to up-sell additional products.

Why you should use it:

  • Thank you landing page builder
  • One-click up-sell and cross sell
  • Post purchase up-sell
  • Birthday SMS & email marketing
  • A/B testing
  • Up-sell Bundles

ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell Pricing:

  • Free – 50 monthly orders
  • $7.99/month (Pro) – 100 monthly orders
  • $14.99/month (MVP) – 200 monthly orders
  • $29.99/month (VIP) – 500 monthly orders
Shopify Apps To Increase eCommerce Sales

Customers are eager to receive packages, and they will likely check their tracking page multiple times before their order arrives. Creating a branded tracking page that is easy to use improves the user experience and increases trust with your customers.

Why you should use it:

  • Tracking page
  • Order lookup
  • Email and SMS notification
  • Brand integration
  • Includes all the major delivery players (UPS, DHL, USPS, China Post (ePacket), and China EMS)

AfterShip Order Tracking & SMS Pricing:

  • Free – 50 monthly shipments
  • $11/month (Essentials) – 100 monthly shipments
  • $35/month (Essentials plus) – 500 monthly shipments
  • $119/month (Pro) – 2,000 monthly shipments

Whether you are new to Shopify, or an experienced eCommerce pro, Shopify is constantly evolving. Have the right apps will make your Shopify store shine out from the rest, and provide your customers the functionality they need to enjoy a smooth purchasing experience.

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