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7 Instagram Reels Ideas To Jumpstart Your Marketing

Instagram can be a powerful social media marketing tool. Learn how to leverage these content ideas to kick-start your Instagram Reels marketing strategy today.

Instagram Reels is a great tool for business owners, proving to be an effective strategy for generating product sales. Like TikTok, Instagram Reels is a platform for sharing short-form videos, which is being hailed as the future of social media marketing. Heavily pushed by the algorithm, it is important that your sales strategy includes Instagram Reels in order to best reach your desired target audience.

7 Instagram Reel Content Ideas for Selling Products

Showcasing how your product works is a fantastic way to garner interest in your product. People love to see how things work, and you can show exactly how great your product is in fifteen short seconds.

This method allows customers to, in a sense, try it before they buy it. A brief tutorial on how to use your product, followed by a before and after is not dissimilar to actually going into the store to try the product themselves. Your target audience is able to see how the product may fit into their lives and why your product is the solution to their problem.

Some tips for producing a product in action Reels include using an attention-grabbing hook, immediately highlight the problem and then show how your product fixes this problem. If you can do this in fifteen seconds, you are much more likely to retain the attention of your audience. Done well, this is a surefire way to generate more sales, as your audience are likely to trust your product claims when they can see it in action for free.

Packing real orders for Instagram Reels is a great way to build a personal touch with your customers. It gives customers an inside view of your processes and how you pack orders, what your packaging looks like and what other people’s orders look like. Naturally, human beings are very curious. We want to see what people are commonly ordering and the processes behind packing a product.

This type of Reels also gives you a chance to set yourself apart from your competition in terms of packing processes and packaging quality.

Do you provide a personal touch when packing orders? What kind of packaging can customers expect to receive? Are the items packed in a safe manner? These questions are all answered through producing this type of content.

Better yet, it helps build a relationship with your customers. Being open and showing how your business packs orders instill a sense of trust in your buyers. This is huge because it affirms your brands’ trustworthiness and authenticity. 86% of consumers site authenticity as being a key factor in deciding what brands to purchase from, so encouraging this with your Reels strategy is huge.

7 Instagram Reel Content Ideas for Selling Products

People always like to know who’s behind the product they receive. Introduce your team members. What is their favorite product? How long have they worked for your business?

It doesn’t have to be just a simple question and answer, either. Employee bloopers, funny team moments, getting your team together to attempt trends, and even doing ‘Work with Me’ style Reels with your team members are all interesting content ideas that win.

This type of content keeps your customers connected with your employees, building authenticity. Your customers begin to recognize the names attached to e-mails and social media posts and will begin to trust what your team members have to say.

Employee spotlights also aid with transparency. Transparent brands sell better than non-transparent brands, with 66% of customers citing this as a factor in purchasing decisions. Thus, it’s important that you include employee-related content in your marketing strategy.

Even if you don’t have any employees, highlighting your role and responsibilities as a small business owner always makes for great content. Your customers want to get to know the people behind the products they love. Being transparent about your processes, structure, and employees is a surefire way to build your brands’ authenticity, which influences sales.

7 Instagram Reel Content Ideas for Selling Products

Behind the scenes, based content is a stellar engagement booster. Customers love to see what happens in the background of their favorite brands, and showing things like ‘a day in the life’ or ‘order stock with me’ is the perfect way to do this.

You can finish off these Reels with a call to action, which will help generate comments, likes, and shares. This is super important for winning coveted space on your target audience’s Instagram Feeds and the Explore page, which allows your product greater visibility.

Again, authenticity, trustworthiness, and brand identity are all developed through this content. People will trust in the quality of your product as you are unafraid to share what’s happening behind the scenes. This type of content is easily shareable, thus it may reach a broader audience.

7 Instagram Reel Content Ideas for Selling Products

The three pillars of any great Instagram Reels content strategy include entertaining content, product-focused content, and educational content. Answering commonly asked questions, showing how to use products, educating customers on trends and news within your niche, and sharing other product tips will all lead to better engagement.

Customers are likely to save and share educational content they find relevant, which is imperative to building high engagement statistics on your posts. Engagement is a key analytic Instagram tracks to decide if your content should be promoted across its platform. A lack of engagement-boosting posts may lead you to fall behind your competition, thus it’s imperative that engagement-centered posts are a feature in your Instagram marketing strategy.

Educational content positions you as an expert in your niche, which improves your trustworthiness. As aforementioned, consumers rely on brands that they trust to purchase from, which means by sharing quality educational content, you are setting yourself apart from your competition.

7 Instagram Reel Content Ideas for Selling Products

Trends allow you to get more views in a shorter timeframe, improving your chances of appearing in your target audience’s feeds. Whilst they shouldn’t be the main focus of your content strategy, trends can rapidly boost engagement and views.

Apps such as TrendTok allow you to track trending sounds and hashtags. TikTok trends tend to blow up on Instagram Reels, so it’s important to keep in the know with new and upcoming trends. It only takes one product video to blow up to sell out your store, and using trending sounds greatly increases this.

TikTok especially is renowned for selling out trending products instantly. A feta cheese shortage was started in 2019 after a fetta pasta recipe went viral, a testament to the selling power of short-form video. It became a trend to recreate this recipe, thus leading to the mass sellout. Zara Jeans, eos Shaving Cream, and Elf Camo Concealer are all products that blew up, and subsequently sold out, because of TikTok trends.

7 Instagram Reel Content Ideas for Selling Products

Having a story about your brand in your Reels video is a great way to engage your audience. It could be a story of overcoming a difficult obstacle or a story of starting your brand on Instagram and overcoming all those insecurities. You can also influence people by sharing a story about something you’ve accomplished.

Comedic storytimes about business mess-ups or difficult clients are also really popular on Instagram Reels and TikTok. When used sparingly, they add another dimension to your brand and fit into the three pillars of a successful Instagram Reels strategy. Customers like authentic brands and this type of content add a humorous twist to your regular content. 

Using Instagram Reels to Generate Sales:

All in all, Instagram Reels are a fantastic tool to sell your product. Powerful builders of authenticity and trustworthiness, Reels need to be incorporated into your marketing strategy in order to win.

Remember, consistency is key with social media marketing. Stick to a posting schedule that you can adhere to and prioritize Instagram Reels content over static feed posts following the new Instagram updates.

A great Instagram Reels has the following:

  • An engaging hook.
  • Short duration (below one minute is king in short-form video marketing).
  • A purpose – either to educate, entertain or showcase a product.
  • A call to action to polish it off.

Utilize the above content ideas to kick-start your Instagram Reels marketing strategy today, winning you leads and landing you more sales.

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